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Mon, 21 Mar 2022


Sun, 26 Mar 2023

Friday, Sunday

All Rewards Cards qualify

So we will be continuing our popular 9 at a Time promotion…By earning just 1250 points from Monday to Sunday you will qualify for an entry into the 9 at a Time Friday and Sunday sessions the following week. Entries are capped at three per Rewards Member per session. Our Progressive Jackpot starting at R2,500 is up for grabs in each Friday and Sunday session if your nine numbers come up within the first 18 spins when the wheel is spun! Should the progressive not be won within the first 18 spins, can now win R1,000 in Cash and R1,000 in FreePlay if you are the first to have your 9 numbers come up after the first 18 spins! We’ve even added a Weekly Double Spin Rescue so if you’re the first guest to have three (3) of their nine (9) numbers spun more than once, we’ll give you R1,500 in FreePlay!

So ask yourself… is 9 your Lucky Number?

When Can I Win?

Every Friday at 11h00 with Double Spin Rescue at 13h30, and Sunday at 15h00 with Double Spin Rescue at 17h30 for the duration of the 9 at a Time promotion.

What can I win?

9 at a Time Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot will be won if all nine (9) numbers selected by one (1) or more guests are called in the first 18 (eighteen) spins and are verified.

Base Value R2,500, after each 9 at a Time activation the progressive will increase by R500 until it is won.

The progressive jackpot will be guaranteed on 31 July 2022, again on 18 December 2022, and finally on 26 March 2023.

9 at a Time Weekly Prize

R1,000 Cash and R1,000 FreePlay will be won if all nine (9) numbers selected by one (1) or more guests are called after the first 18 (eighteen) spins and are verified.

If more than one person presents their winning ticket simultaneously for 9 at a Time, the prize will be evenly split amongst the winners once verified. (Where the Prize split is not equal to a round multiple of R50, the value for each winner will be rounded up to the nearest R50).

Weekly Double Spin Rescue

R1,500 in FreePlay will be awarded to the first guest to have three (3) of their nine (9) numbers spun more than once.

If more than one person presents their winning ticket simultaneously for “Double Spin Rescue”, the prize will be evenly split amongst the winners once verified. (Where the Prize split is not equal to a round multiple of R50, the value for each winner will be rounded up to the nearest R50).


Earn Start Earn End Print Start Printing End For Friday Printing ends for Sunday Friday 9 at a Time 11h00 Sunday 9 at a Time 15h00
- - - - - Double Spin Rescue at 13h30 Double Spin Rescue at 17h30
Monday 21/03/2022 Sunday 27/03/2022 Monday 28/03/2022 Thursday 31/03/2022 Saturday 02/04/2022 Friday 01/04/2022 Sunday 03/04/2022
Monday 28/03/2022 Sunday 03/04/2022 Monday 04/04/2022 Thursday 07/04/2022 Saturday 09/04/2022 Friday 08/04/2022 Sunday 10/04/2022
Monday 04/04/2022 Sunday 10/04/2022 Monday 11/04/2022 Thursday 14/04/2022 Saturday 16/04/2022 Friday 15/04/2022 Sunday 17/04/2022
Monday 11/04/2022 Sunday 17/04/2022 Monday 18/04/2022 Thursday 21/04/2022 Saturday 23/04/2022 Friday 22/04/2022 Sunday 24/04/2022
Monday 18/04/2022 Sunday 24/04/2022 Monday 25/04/2022 Thursday 28/04/2022 Saturday 30/04/2022 Friday 29/04/2022 Sunday 01/05/2022
Monday 25/04/2022 Sunday 01/05/2022 Monday 02/05/2022 Thursday 05/05/2022 Saturday 07/05/2022 Friday 06/05/2022 Sunday 08/05/2022
Monday 02/05/2022 Sunday 08/05/2022 Monday 09/05/2022 Thursday 12/05/2022 Saturday 14/05/2022 Friday 13/05/2022 Sunday 15/05/2022
Monday 09/05/2022 Sunday 15/05/2022 Monday 16/05/2022 Thursday 19/05/2022 Saturday 21/05/2022 Friday 20/05/2022 Sunday 22/05/2022
Monday 16/05/2022 Sunday 22/05/2022 Monday 23/05/2022 Thursday 26/05/2022 Saturday 28/05/2022 Friday 27/05/2022 Sunday 29/05/2022
Monday 23/05/2022 Sunday 29/05/2022 Monday 30/05/2022 Thursday 02/06/2022 Saturday 04/06/2022 Friday 03/06/2022 Sunday 05/06/2022
Monday 30/05/2022 Sunday 05/06/2022 Monday 06/06/2022 Thursday 09/06/2022 Saturday 11/06/2022 Friday 10/06/2022 Sunday 12/06/2022
Monday 06/06/2022 Sunday 12/06/2022 Monday 13/06/2022 Thursday 16/06/2022 Saturday 18/06/2022 Friday 17/06/2022 Sunday 19/06/2022
Monday 13/06/2022 Sunday 19/06/2022 Monday 20/06/2022 Thursday 23/06/2022 Saturday 25/06/2022 Friday 24/06/2022 Sunday 26/06/2022
Monday 20/06/2022 Sunday 26/06/2022 Monday 27/06/2022 Thursday 30/06/2022 Saturday 02/07/2022 Friday 01/07/2022 Sunday 03/07/2022
Monday 27/06/2022 Sunday 03/07/2022 Monday 04/07/2022 Thursday 07/07/2022 Saturday 09/07/2022 Friday 08/07/2022 Sunday 10/07/2022
Monday 04/07/2022 Sunday 10/07/2022 Monday 11/07/2022 Thursday 14/07/2022 Saturday 16/07/2022 Friday 15/07/2022 Sunday 17/07/2022
Monday 11/07/2022 Sunday 17/07/2022 Monday 18/07/2022 Thursday 21/07/2022 Saturday 23/07/2022 Friday 22/07/2022 Sunday 24/07/2022
Monday 18/07/2022 Sunday 24/07/2022 Monday 25/07/2022 Thursday 28/07/2022 Saturday 30/07/2022 Friday 29/07/2022 Sunday 31/07/2022
Monday 25/07/2022 Sunday 31/07/2022 Monday 01/08/2022 Thursday 04/08/2022 Saturday 06/08/2022 Friday 05/08/2022 Sunday 07/08/2022
Monday 01/08/2022 Sunday 07/08/2022 Monday 08/08/2022 Thursday 11/08/2022 Saturday 13/08/2022 Friday 12/08/2022 Sunday 14/08/2022
Monday 08/08/2022 Sunday 14/08/2022 Monday 15/08/2022 Thursday 18/08/2022 Saturday 20/08/2022 Friday 19/08/2022 Sunday 21/08/2022
Monday 15/08/2022 Sunday 21/08/2022 Monday 22/08/2022 Thursday 25/08/2022 Saturday 27/08/2022 Friday 26/08/2022 Sunday 28/08/2022
Monday 22/08/2022 Sunday 28/08/2022 Monday 29/08/2022 Thursday 01/09/2022 Saturday 03/09/2022 Friday 02/09/2022 Sunday 04/09/2022
Monday 29/08/2022 Sunday 04/09/2022 Monday 05/09/2022 Thursday 08/09/2022 Saturday 10/09/2022 Friday 09/09/2022 Sunday 11/09/2022
Monday 05/09/2022 Sunday 11/09/2022 Monday 12/09/2022 Thursday 15/09/2022 Saturday 17/09/2022 Friday 16/09/2022 Sunday 18/09/2022
Monday 12/09/2022 Sunday 18/09/2022 Monday 19/09/2022 Thursday 22/09/2022 Saturday 24/09/2022 Friday 23/09/2022 Sunday 25/09/2022
Monday 19/09/2022 Sunday 25/09/2022 Monday 26/09/2022 Thursday 29/09/2022 Saturday 01/10/2022 Friday 30/09/2022 Sunday 02/10/2022
Monday 26/09/2022 Sunday 02/10/2022 Monday 03/10/2022 Thursday 06/10/2022 Saturday 08/10/2022 Friday 07/10/2022 Sunday 09/10/2022
Monday 03/10/2022 Sunday 09/10/2022 Monday 10/10/2022 Thursday 13/10/2022 Saturday 15/10/2022 Friday 14/10/2022 Sunday 16/10/2022
Monday 10/10/2022 Sunday 16/10/2022 Monday 17/10/2022 Thursday 20/10/2022 Saturday 22/10/2022 Friday 21/10/2022 Sunday 23/10/2022
Monday 17/10/2022 Sunday 23/10/2022 Monday 24/10/2022 Thursday 27/10/2022 Saturday 29/10/2022 Friday 28/10/2022 Sunday 30/10/2022
Monday 24/10/2022 Sunday 30/10/2022 Monday 31/10/2022 Thursday 03/11/2022 Saturday 05/11/2022 Friday 04/11/2022 Sunday 06/11/2022
Monday 31/10/2022 Sunday 06/11/2022 Monday 07/11/2022 Thursday 10/11/2022 Saturday 12/11/2022 Friday 11/11/2022 Sunday 13/11/2022
Monday 07/11/2022 Sunday 13/11/2022 Monday 14/11/2022 Thursday 17/11/2022 Saturday 19/11/2022 Friday 18/11/2022 Sunday 20/11/2022
Monday 14/11/2022 Sunday 20/11/2022 Monday 21/11/2022 Thursday 24/11/2022 Saturday 26/11/2022 Friday 25/11/2022 Sunday 27/11/2022
Monday 21/11/2022 Sunday 27/11/2022 Monday 28/11/2022 Thursday 01/12/2022 Saturday 03/12/2022 Friday 02/12/2022 Sunday 04/12/2022
Monday 28/11/2022 Sunday 04/12/2022 Monday 05/12/2022 Thursday 08/12/2022 Saturday 10/12/2022 Friday 09/12/2022 Sunday 11/12/2022
Monday 05/12/2022 Sunday 11/12/2022 Monday 12/12/2022 Thursday 15/12/2022 Saturday 17/12/2022 Friday 16/12/2022 Sunday 18/12/2022
Monday 26/12/2022 Sunday 01/01/2023 Monday 02/01/2023 Thursday 05/01/2023 Saturday 07/01/2023 Friday 06/01/2023 Sunday 08/01/2023
Monday 02/01/2023 Sunday 08/01/2023 Monday 09/01/2023 Thursday 12/01/2023 Saturday 14/01/2023 Friday 13/01/2023 Sunday 15/01/2023
Monday 09/01/2023 Sunday 15/01/2023 Monday 16/01/2023 Thursday 19/01/2023 Saturday 21/01/2023 Friday 20/01/2023 Sunday 22/01/2023
Monday 16/01/2023 Sunday 22/01/2023 Monday 23/01/2023 Thursday 26/01/2023 Saturday 28/01/2023 Friday 27/01/2023 Sunday 29/01/2023
Monday 23/01/2023 Sunday 29/01/2023 Monday 30/01/2023 Thursday 02/02/2023 Saturday 04/02/2023 Friday 03/02/2023 Sunday 05/02/2023
Monday 30/01/2023 Sunday 05/02/2023 Monday 06/02/2023 Thursday 09/02/2023 Saturday 11/02/2023 Friday 10/02/2023 Sunday 12/02/2023
Monday 06/02/2023 Sunday 12/02/2023 Monday 13/02/2023 Thursday 16/02/2023 Saturday 18/02/2023 Friday 17/02/2023 Sunday 19/02/2023
Monday 13/02/2023 Sunday 19/02/2023 Monday 20/02/2023 Thursday 23/02/2023 Saturday 25/02/2023 Friday 24/02/2023 Sunday 26/02/2023
Monday 20/02/2023 Sunday 26/02/2023 Monday 27/02/2023 Thursday 02/03/2023 Saturday 04/03/2023 Friday 03/03/2023 Sunday 05/03/2023
Monday 27/02/2023 Sunday 05/03/2023 Monday 06/03/2023 Thursday 09/03/2023 Saturday 11/03/2023 Friday 10/03/2023 Sunday 12/03/2023
Monday 06/03/2023 Sunday 12/03/2023 Monday 13/03/2023 Thursday 16/03/2023 Saturday 18/03/2023 Friday 17/03/2023 Sunday 19/03/2023
Monday 13/03/2023 Sunday 19/03/2023 Monday 20/03/2023 Thursday 23/03/2023 Saturday 25/03/2023 Friday 24/03/2023 Sunday 26/03/2023

1.       9 at a Time activation will take place every Friday from 11h00 and every Sunday from 15:00. There will however be no 9 at a Time activations on 23, 25, 30 December 2022, and 1 January 2023.

2.       Garden Route Rewards cardholders must earn at least 1 250 points to receive 1 ticket into each of the 2 Weekly activations. For every additional 1 250 points earned, members will receive 1 additional entry (Entries will be capped at 3 per member, per activation)

3.       The earning periods will be weekly, Monday to Sunday.

4.       Tickets earned weekly will be valid for the following week’s activations only.

5.       Weekly tickets will be available to print at the e-Host each Mon – Thu for each Friday activation and each Mon-Sat for each Sunday activation.

6.       Players must be registered Garden Route rewards cardholders to participate.

7.       Utilising the EHost It is the player’s responsibility to choose 9 numbers or use the Auto Pick function.

8.       A Roulette wheel and ball will be used to spin the numbers.

A “No Spin” will be declared by the tournament director for any spin in which the ball has either:

·         Been spun out of the wheel

·         Not completed at least 4 revolutions around the track of the wheel

·         Been caught up in the rotational part of the wheel for more than 2 revolutions.

·         The ball is physically obstructed by a guest, or by an obstruction placed onto or into the wheel.

·         A “No Spin” will not be counted as a spin for purposes of the first 18 spins to win the progressive jackpot.

9.       The first person/s to have all 9 of their numbers called and present themselves will be declared the winner/s.

10.   If these 9 numbers are achieved within the first 18 valid spins, the contestant/s win the progressive jackpot. If achieved after the first 18 valid spins the contestant/s win/share R1 000 Cash and R1 000 FreePlay.

11.   The progressive jackpot will start at R2 500 cash and increment by R500 if not won after every 9 at a Time activation until it is won/guaranteed. The Progressive Jackpot will be guaranteed on 31 July 2022, again on 18 December 2022, and finally on 26 March 2023, irrespective of the number of spins taken to identify a winner.

12.   Once the Progressive Jackpot has been won, it will return to its starting value of R2 500 cash.

13.   If a number is repeated during the course of the game (double spin), it will not be counted in regards to the first 18 spins for the progressive jackpot.

14.   If more than one person presents their winning ticket for 9 at a Time simultaneously, the prize money will be divided equally amongst the number of verified winners. (Where the Prize split is not equal to a round multiple of R50, the value for each winner will be rounded up to the nearest R50)

15.   Prior to awarding verified 9 at a Time winner with their prize, 90 seconds will be afforded to all other participants to present themselves as winners as well to share the prize. Once 90 seconds has elapsed, no other claims will be entertained.

16.   Numbers that cannot be verified will invalidate the winner/s.

17.   It is the players’ responsibility to present themselves as the winner if all nine numbers on their ticket have been called.

18.   Double Spin Rescue will take place after the main 9 at a Time activation every Friday and Sunday. Guests will be told to keep their tickets reflecting the 9 numbers that they selected for 9 at a Time. These numbers will be valid for the 9 at a Time “Double Spin Rescue” activation at 13h30 on Fridays and at 17h30 on Sundays.

19.   As with 9 at a Time, a colour chip is placed on the layout every time a number is spun. Where a number is spun for a second, third, fourth, etc. time, an additional colour chip is placed on that number. Utilising the 9 numbers they chose for 9 at a Time, guests will have the opportunity to win R1 500 in FreePlay each Friday and R1 500 in FreePlay each Sunday if they are the first guest to have 3 of their 9 numbers spun more than once.

20.   If more than 1 guest presents their winning ticket simultaneously for the Double Spin Rescue, reflecting 3 numbers as having been spun more than once, the R1 500 FreePlay will be shared equally between them. (Where the Prize split is not equal to a round multiple of R50, the value for each winner will be rounded up to the nearest R50)

21.   Prior to awarding verified Double Spin Rescue winners with their prize, 90 seconds will be afforded to all other participants to present themselves as winners as well to share the prize. Once 90 seconds has elapsed, no other claims will be entertained.

22.   No person under the age of 18 is allowed to Gamble or participate in this promotion.

23.   Any person who has been issued with a Refusal of Entry order, who is self-excluded, or who falls into the category of excluded persons is expressly prohibited from participating in this promotion.

24.   The promotion is closed to any persons who are directors, members, partners, employees, agents, or consultants of or any other person who directly controls or indirectly controls or is controlled by the company or marketing service providers, or spouses, life partners’ business partners or immediate family members.

25.   Any person deviating from the promotional rules will be disqualified.

26.   If any rules are found to be void, invalid, or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining rules shall remain in full force and effects.

27.   Prizes are not transferable. Prize winners must sign for receipt of prizes.

28.   All decisions are final and binding and no correspondence or appeals will be entered into.

29.   Any complaint and/or dispute can be lodged with the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

30.   The Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board will be informed of unresolved disputes, subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

31.   The above clauses are severable from each other. Should any clause or part thereof be found to be unenforceable by operation of the law, such clause or part thereof will be severed, and the remaining clauses shall remain in force.

32.   Any person transgressing the rules of this promotion will be disqualified.

33.   Every participant in the promotion shall be deemed to have acknowledged and accepted the rules by virtue of their participation.

34.   Copies of these rules are available at the Customer Services Desk upon request and at the website (www.gardenroutecasino.co.za).

35.   The rules of this promotion are only valid as set out under the Covid-19 Alert Level during which they were issued and are subject to change should the Covid-19 Alert Level change as per government gazetted guidelines.

Our Garden Route Rewards Programme aims to reward our members each chance we get. No frills, no fuss – just relevant benefits that you can actually use!


Garden Route Casino is licensed by the Western Cape Gambling & Racing Board. No person under the age of 18 years permitted to gamble. South African Responsible Gambling Foundation toll-free counselling line 0800 006 008 or WhatsApp HELP to 0766750710. Winners know when to stop.

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